Kangju Community Center

Site Plan
Zeichnung © Pu Miao
First Floor Plan
Zeichnung © Pu Miao
Middle part of south elevation
Foto © Pu Miao
Foto © Pu Miao
One of the courtyards behind the bridge between building volumes
Foto © Pu Miao
Southeast corner of the building near the half-circle pond in the park
Foto © Pu Miao
Part of north elevation
Foto © Pu Miao
One of the roof decks with a planted roof in distance
Foto © Pu Miao
Vertical spatial penetration up to three story high
Foto © Pu Miao
One of the corner space for a small group and the window seats on the second floor.
Foto © Pu Miao
Pu Miao 缪朴
Qianjin Road at Sichang Road, Kushan
Kunshan City Construction Investment and Development Co. Ltd.
Pu Miao
Shanghai Landscape Architecture Design Institute

With modern buildings increasingly being designed as one large and centralized mass, this design revisited the decentralized model. Catering for senior residents living in the apartments around the park, the community center has a porous exterior appearance which resembles a forest that attracts people to enter. The building plan has many boundaries and corners to create many territories for small groups of users who come here to play cards and chess. The overall spatial structure juxtaposes rooms and courtyards/roof decks, which not only generate an intimate relationship between the indoor space and the nature (a characteristic of traditional Chinese architecture), but also produces “suspenseful” views within the building. The scheme reflects most people’s desire for a “refuge” with a “prospect” in a public space. This experiment is part of the author’s effort to localize Modern Architecture.

Journal Domus (Italy, Chinese Edition, 4/2008) and book Architecture 07' 06' 05': Works from the Forum on Chinese Contemporary Architecture (2006), Atlas of Contemporary Chinese Architecture (2014)

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