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Founded in 1999, URBANUS is recognized as one of the most influential independent architecture practices in China. More than a design practice, Urbanus is also a think tank. It aims at formulating architectural strategy from the urban environment and its ever changing conditions. Urbanus has always focused on the urban realities in China and seeks architectural solutions based on its research of emerging urban problems.

Urbanus’ works have been exhibited internationally in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Venice, Lisbon, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Tokyo, Rome, Rotterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei etc. The office has also received extensive coverage and publication from world-renowned architectural and design media. Urbanus’ recognized projects include Tulou Collective Housing, Dafen Art Museum, the OCT Art & Design Museum, Artron Art Center, the Luohu Art Museum, Maillen Hotel & Apartment, Hui Hotel, Library and Gymnasium of South University of Science and Technology, CGN Headquarters Building, SHUM YIP Upper Hills LOFT, OCT Loft Renovation, Nantou Old Town Preservation and Regeneration, The Environmental Upgrade of the Five Dragons Temple in Shanxi, Tangshan Museum Expansion, Tangshan Urban Planning Museum, The Grand Canal Creative Center, 2019 Beijing Botanic Garden of International Horticultural Exhibition, Xihoudu Early Human Archaelogical Site, Beijing Historical Quadrangle House Rehabilitation Series, etc.

Recently completed projects: Kingway Brewery Renovation (Main Venue of 2022 UABB); OCAT – B10; Nantou Hybrid Building; China Merchants Group History Museum for its 150th anniversary; Rehabilitation for Shenyang Dongmaoku Warehouses; Community Center of Baishadao Commercial Town; KCCA (Kulangsu Center for Contemporary Art).etc.

Urbanus’ architecture delivers unique identity while respecting the existing urban fabric with sensitivity. Many built works have become new landmarks of urban life. Urbanus’ works have received numerous prominent awards, such as WA Chinese Architecture Award, THE PLAN Award, The ARC ASIA Awards for Architecture, China Architecture Media Award, Architectural Record Awards and 2005 Design Vanguard, shortlisted for Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

Urbanus is now further streamlining its design and research platform, and exploring global multi-disciplinary collaborations. Urbanus’s research unit (UPRD) is primarily focused in urban strategy, design, curation and research. UPRD has conducted a series of research projects, including topics such as the typologies and social networks of urban creative clusters, or the hyper-dense urban renewal, preservation, and regeneration processes unfolding within urban villages and historic areas. Urbanus have drawn international recognition due to its sensitivity to urban, historical, and social structures, its integration of potential spatial and social resources, and its effectiveness in responding to the complexities of the urban environment.

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