BodyConcept Pilates Studio

Photo © Yunpu Cai
Photo © Yunpu Cai
Photo © Yunpu Cai
Photo © Yunpu Cai
Photo © Yunpu Cai
Photo © Yunpu Cai
Photo © Yunpu Cai
Photo © Yunpu Cai
Photo © Yunpu Cai
Vermilion Zhou Design
青海路118号云海苑3F、5F , Jing’an

Pilates is an exercise focused on muscle control, which emphasizes the concentrated, core, and precise training of muscle management and breathing. In addition to the high concentration required to students, the controllability of the external environment is also an important factor that can help the trainees enter the state. The concept of this design is introverted and rational. Besides paying attention to the user's comfort, the controllable environmental factors in the training process are the highlight.

Follow the essentials of the exercise, facades are made of wood, and the part of the shape keeps the arc, which minimizes the visual stimulation. There are many laydown postures in Pilates, so lighting design avoids the form of direct illumination to ensure the smoothness of the training process.

In the past design cases, we preferred to open more windows for natural light. Due to the particularity of Pilates, the controllability of light needs to be more precise. Therefore, we deliberately leave fewer windows in the training room, which is mainly illuminated by indoor light. In order to prevent the studio from appearing dull, grilles are implemented on facades to increase the sense of layer and flow. The visual expression balances both dynamic and static status, which provides a better training environment for each student.
Martha Graham, one of the founders of American modern dance, advocates the dance training of stretching the trunk, which enables the dancers to express the emotion deep from the muscles in the body. With the help of the device and the controllable fitness space, BodyConcept Pilates Studio could guide trainees to more effective muscle fitness.

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