Jining Public Medical Center

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The Jining Public Health Centre project is a regional infectious disease hospital established in Jining in the wake of the 2019 epidemic in response to large-scale infectious disease preparedness. The balance and symbiosis between responding to a large-scale public health crisis and a general hospital that normally functions as a normal hospital is the main objective of this project.

Different from the traditional row layout of infectious disease hospitals such as Xiaotangshan and Huoshenshan, this project adopts another type of infectious disease hospital layout-courtyard type. A typical representative of this type is the Nanjing Public Health Center. The courtyard-style layout is highly adaptable, allowing the hospital to have the greatest flexibility and replacement room in its operation, while fully bringing the landscape, greenery and sunlight into the building, whether it is above ground or underground, it will be full of sunlight and greenery.

The western side of the L-shaped complex is the infectious disease area, while the southern side is the general hospital with its research, teaching and duty accommodation. The central plaza and greenery clearly separate the clean and contaminated areas, while the corner section of the road can be used as a general medical area or an infectious disease area, depending on ‘wartime’ or ‘peacetime’ needs, thus significantly increasing the use of medical resources in combination with warfare.

The design principle is three-zone, three-aisle, with the clean zone on the east side, the semi-contaminated zone in the centre and the contaminated zone on the west side together forming the infectious disease centre, the non-infectious disease zone on the south side and the research and teaching centre on the east side. The plaza in the central area is reserved for a mobile square in case of war.

The façade on the outside of the external sewers, formed by a mosquito-proof shading metal screen, brings a lightness to the building that reduces the fearful pressure that can be associated with infectious hospitals. A series of simple, light, paper lantern-like clusters illuminate the darkness and warms the people who stay over the night.

The adaptable square garden courtyard, the rain-free workflow, the clear partitioning of cleanliness and dirt, and the most important thing is the multiple response capabilities during normal and public health outbreaks, making this a safe, simple, friendly, peace and war combination comprehensive infectious disease hospital.

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