Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital

Photo © Xia Qiang
Photo © Xia Qiang
Photo © Xia Qiang
Photo © Xia Qiang
Photo © Xia Qiang
Photo © Xia Qiang
Photo © Xia Qiang
Photo © Xia Qiang
Photo © Xia Qiang
Photo © Xia Qiang
Site plan
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Floor 2
Floor 3
Floor 4
Floor 5
Floor 6 - 12
Facade construction
Lemanarc SA
No. 9 Chongwen Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou
Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital
Vincent Zhengmao Zhang, Pansy Wang, Xiaodong Wang, Daniel Pauli, Florian Thomas, Rita Chen
Arts Design Group Co.,Ltd.
Arts Design Group Co.,Ltd.

Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital, located in Suzhou Industrial Park, covers a total area of 156,000 square meters, with a total planned construction area of 521,000 square meters and a total planned bed capacity of 3,000, consisting of a general hospital with 800 beds and a construction area of 131,000 square meters in the first phase and various disciplinary centers that will be expanded in the future. This is another practice of the design idea of "healing garden" and "gardenized architecture” by Mr. Vincent Zhang, the chair architect of Lemanarc. While the master plan encloses each phase into a modern garden, the medical space of each phase becomes an interesting therapeutic garden. The synchronization of medical function design with planning, architecture, landscape, and interior design has established the organic whole of a good hospital from the early stage.

The circular cascading podium brings the garden into the building's interior and roof; the forty-five degree angle layout inspires rich boundary spaces around the site; the double herringbone design of dual patient areas brings higher operational efficiency to the hospital; the white walls and grey window eaves suggest the tradition of Suzhou. While avoiding overly decorative design, this efficient, modular, and growable modern garden hospital pays homage to Suzhou, a garden destination in the south of the Yangtze River.

In the age of speed and noise, this station of life belonging to Suzhou will quiet down and listen to the heartbeat of every person here.

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