Tree Clubhouse


Located in Grand Canal Forest Park, Tree Clubhouse is supposed to provide catering services and hold reunions, exhibitions and business meetings. The design is inspired by the form of trees. The first idea is to create space under trees, then bunches of trees will create a pattern and sheltered space. The manmade forest dances with the natural woods in the park.


The structure is made from the repetition of a basic unit, a tree like column with four cantilevered beams that varies on height. The plan is based on a zigzagging grid that is capable of adapting to the site and existing trees and achieving flexibility during the different construction phases.


The building is sitting on a floating concrete platform, protecting the timber structure from moisture. At the same time, the mechanical installation runs underneath the concrete floor so that the ceiling is free to express the pure structure and space.


The architecture is mainly constructed from wood and rammed earth. These materials are able to breath, adjusting the relative humidity and temperature of indoor and outdoor areas, and will biodegrade in the future. Glass curtain walls are filled between timber structures and rammed earth walls on facades, providing the experience of being in the manmade and natural forest at the same time.

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