3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Viti Books Bookstore

Beijing, 2021

The Design of Viti Books Bookstore-Late night study in southern Beijing 项目信息 / Project info 项目名称:Viti Books书店设计 Project name: The Design...

Lemanarc SA

Nanjing Youth Science and Technology Activity…

Nanjing , 2012

Area A consists of a cultural industry area and a commercial and cultural area, and area B is a wireless office park and ecological offic...

Lemanarc SA

Nanjing Jiahe Maternity Hospital

Nanjing, 2018

This project is a high-end private maternity hospital. In terms of the functional layout, we adopt the same-floor efficient workstation m...

Lemanarc SA

The Second phase of the Shenzhen Hospital of…


The Second phase of the Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University is a modern U-shaped building that naturally expresses this iden...

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Meteorology Satellite Centre of Beijing

Beijing, 2007

Further information to be added shortly.

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Pudong New District Broadcast TV Center

Pudong, 2010

Pudong New Area Cultural Radio and Television Center Project is located in Zhoukang area of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, on the west side o...

Lemanarc SA

Sichuan Guangyuan Central Hospital

Guangyuan, 2019

Guangyuan, located in northern Sichuan in western China, is at the forefront of the country in exploring the integration of healthcare an...

Lemanarc SA

Nan‘an International Healing City

Na'an, 2017

With the development of medical knowledge and modern technology, the city will put forward higher requirements for hospitals. The hospita...

Lemanarc SA

Jining Public Medical Center

Jining, 2020

The Jining Public Health Centre project is a regional infectious disease hospital established in Jining in the wake of the 2019 epidemic ...

Lemanarc SA

Nanjing Pukou International Medical Center

Nanjing , 2019

In this huge-scale hospital project, a number of independently operated medical institutions share medical resources through the central ...

Lemanarc SA

Hudong Regional Medical Center


The Hudong Regional Medical Center, designed from 2019 to 2021, is located in Pudong, Shanghai, on the northeast side of Xigou Gang. With...

West-line Studio

Dushan School Complex

Guizhou Province, 2016

Dushan Town is located at the so-called "South Gate of Guizhou"  at the border with Guangxi province. The main residents in this area bel...


Yitingting Cottage

Tonglu, 2019

Located in Tonglu, Zhejiang, Yintingting Cottage performs as an individual drawing room and a dining room for a rural hotel complex. The ...


Taichung Green Corridor

Taichung, 2021

The 1.7km long former railway line crossing downtown Taichung was an important catalyst for the development of the old city. The railway’...

Various Associates

(SO)What Chengdu

Chengdu, 2021

Free Soul on the Stage Prelude Don't know Don't care I choose what I like So what? Taking "Don't know, Don't care" as the core brand val...

Studio 10

Light & Shadow, The Other Place

Guilin, 2018

The Other Place is a creative guesthouse by the Li River in Pingle County, Guilin, and Studio 10 has just finished the renovation of its ...

Studio 10

Dream & Maze, The Other Place

Guilin, 2018

The Other Place is a creative guesthouse by the Li River in Pingle County, Guilin, and Studio 10 has just finished the renovation of its ...

Studio 10

Spatial Design of “Qianhai Superposition”&“Back…

Shenzhen, 2020

Spatial Design of “Qianhai Superposition”&“Back to Future” of the 2020 Qianhai Future Urbanism/Architecture Exhibition (Subvenue of the 8...

Studio 10

Spatial Design of Long Life Design: Thinking…

Shenzhen, 2021

In the era of "consumerism" we live in, in this fast-growing emerging metropolis, an exhibition called "Long Life Design" seems a bit ino...

Studio 10

Vista House - Remodeling of a Private Residence

Shenzhen, 2020

In the summer of 2018, we accepted the commission to remodel the house in the suburb of Shenzhen for a private client, who wishes to add ...

Studio 10

Geijoeng Concept Store

Shenzhen, 2019

Geijoeng, a Chinese minimalist womenswear brand recently opened its doors in Coastal City. The interior design explores the interactivity...

Studio 10

V&A Fashioned from Nature

Shenzhen, 2020

The spatial design of the exhibition Fashioned from Nature co-curated by the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), China Silk Museum, guest cur...

Studio 10

Renovation of the Qinchang Village CPC Branch…

Jiaozuo, 2019

The Qinchang Village Community Center is located in Qinchang Village, Xiuwu County,an ancient town in central China, with a history that ...

Studio 10

Hall of Immortality at Longshan Cemetery

Jiaozuo, 2020

In cities or villages, regardless of where we live, mortality is the destiny shared by us all. When its inevitability is a given, how ...

Studio 10

The Qinchang Village Town Hall

Jiaozuo, 2021

The Qinchang Village Town hall is located directly to the east of the Qinchang Village CPC Community Center in Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo, Hen...

Atelier tao+c

Common Reader Bookstore

Zhejjang, 2020

The owner of the bookstore and the designer reached a common understanding that the bookstore should not only be a storage room for books...

Atelier tao+c

U-shape room

Shanghai, 2018

Located on the ground floor of an old garden house, it’s a U-shape room with a full-faceted semi-circular window facing the back garden. ...

Atelier tao+c

Capsule Hotel and Bookstore

Zhejjang, 2019

Capsule Hotel and Bookstore in Village Qinglongwu is located in the deep forests of Tonglu in Zhejiang province. It was an old house of w...

Atelier Heimat

"Zone out Space"——Aranya Theatre Festival…

Qinhuangdao, 2021

"Migratory Birds 300", an important sector of Aranya Theatre Festival, requires a temporary building to exhibit images and installation...


Shenzhen King's Kindergarten

Shenzhen, 2020

It's a kindergarten, as well as a playground Designers have the tendency to design building and spaces for children as adult but have of...

Various Associates

Man Chao Hui

Shenzhen, 2021

Man Chao Hui by Various Associates | A Modern Luxury Catering Space in an Oriental Context. Seclusion | Man Chao Hui is a top-notch res...

Baer, Shifman-Nathan Architects

Green Food Development Center


The Green Food Development Center is a complex of 30,000 sqm, of office space, laboratories and commercial space, designed for the the pu...

DnA Design and Architecture

Huiming Tea Workshop

Jingning, 2020

Jingning County, part of Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, is the only She ethnic minority autonomous county in China. The She ethnic minor...

Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Energy Ring

Shenzhen, 2016-2022

Set to open in 2022 on the outskirts of Shenzhen, China, the 112,645 square-metre Energy Ring will be the largest waste-to-energy plant o...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Yangliping Performing Arts Center

Dali, 2020

Situated between the Cang mountain chain, rising 4,000 meters in height, and 40 kilometer-long Lake Erhai, the city of Dali was a signifi...


Songzhuang Micro Community Park

Xiaopu Village, Songzhuang, Tongzhou, Beijing, 2021

Location dynamics of art clusters in the Chinese capital Beijing’s rapid economic transition, unique political atmosphere, and immense u...

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