Lichtvision Design

Changzhou Culture Plaza

Changzhou, 2020

Museums and a library form the cultural highlights inside the Changzhou Culture Plaza. The six pavilions cantilever in large arcs and ope...

HDC Design – Hum­ming­bird De­sign Con­sul­tant


ChengDu, 2020

Contemporary China is gradually rediscovering and zooming into the culture of oriental aesthetics, as the external interpretations are be...

HDC Design – Hum­ming­bird De­sign Con­sul­tant


ChengDu, 2021

The night of Chengdu Erma is a Sichuan dialect, which means being slightly drunk. It is the perfect name for the pub, revealing a mixed ...

Studio Link-Arc

Six Sections

Zhangzhou, 2019

Studio Link-Arc was invited to design an installation for an urban sculpture park in Zhangzhou, located in southern China. The client req...

Studio Link-Arc

Yinhu Future School

Shenzhen, 2018

The Shenzhen Yinhu Future School is located in Sanjiu District, Yinhu Lake, in the Luohu district of Shenzhen, with a total land area of ...

Studio Link-Arc

Nanjing Art Center

Nanjing, 2019

The Nanjing Art Center is located at the southernmost tip of Nanjing New Town, where three rivers intersect to create a landform known as...

Atelier d'More

Spring Grill Bar

Shanghai, 2019

Spring grill bar is located in Green Milan square of Shanghai Yangpu district, a large area of glass Windows, showing the white and pure ...

Atelier d'More

Multifunctional Exhibition Center

Shanghai, 2017

The exhibition center is located in yangpu district, Shanghai, features including organic rice and peripheral products display, office ve...

Adarc International Studio Ltd

Heyue Pedestrian bridge

Foshan, 2015

In recent China, the rapid development accelerates the competition among cities and thus causes the continuous extension of highway netwo...


Brickyard Retreat Renovation

Beijing, 2021

Project name: Brickyard Retreat Renovation Project Location: The Brickyard Retreat, Beigou Village, Huairou, Beijing, China Site Area: 53...

B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

% Arabica Wide & Narrow Alley

Chengdu, 2020

First built during the Qing Dynasty’s Kangxi period in Chengdu, China, Kuanzhai Alley mainly consists of three northwest-southeast street...

Office ZHU

Duoyun Bookstore

Taizhou, 2021

Doyon Bookstore Huangyan is located on the banks of Yongning River in Huangyan District, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. The main challenge o...

Office ZHU

CK Home

Shanghai, 2021

There are already 240 million single adults in China, and the number of people living alone is expected to rise to 92 million by 2021. In...



Beijing, 2021

China's landscape and cities have undergone tremendous transformation in the last few decades. However, the Beigou Village, which is loca...

Greater Dog Architects

V Spot

Shanghai, 2017

NO BOUNDARY People who start to pick out goods when they enter a sex toy shop space, normally they are embarrassed and too shy to tell. ...

Greater Dog Architects

Brloote Flagship

Shaoxing, 2018

A BLACK SQUARE ON WHITE “Squares remove their materiality and merge into infinity. All that remains is the indistinct trace of its appe...

Greater Dog Architects

Leding Bespoke

Shaoxing, 2019

THE TRACE “Traces are invisible. They perceive the flow of time through objects.” - Greater Dog The designer, Jin Xin and Red Hu who fo...

Greater Dog Architects

Progenius Park

Ningbo, 2021

Progenius Park is different from a buyer's shop in that it is a “Styling” retail that combine bricks and clicks. It provides consumers wi...

Parallect Design

Oneswear Jewellery Design Store

Suzhou, 2019

Diamonds, hard and shine, have always been indispensable props when people swear in love. Every diamond jewellery will become a mark in t...

hcreates interior design

Lounge by Topgolf [Shanghai]

Shanghai, 2021

Topgolf is one of the world’s leading sports entertainment companies, famous for its fun and engaging venues combining active entertainme...

Greater Dog Architects

é é é - BSH Headquarters

Shaoxing City, 2021

BSH headquarters is located in Shaoxing city, it designed by the Greater Dog Architects. The main building called é é é that emerged in t...

Rocco Design Architects Associates Ltd

Baoan Performing Arts Centre

Shenzhen, 2021

Rocco Design Architects Associates’ (RDA) Performing Arts Centre, flagship of the Bao’an Cultural Complex, opened on 17 September 2021 in...

Parallect Design

Lafine de Paris Wedding Showroom

Suzhou, 2021

Suzhou is the main domestic wedding production center, and Huqiu Wedding City is an important wholesale and retail base based on the indu...

Atelier TeamMinus

Big Air in Beijing

Beijing, 2022

The XXIV Winter Olympics will take place in China in February 2022. The various sporting competitions will be held at a location in Beiji...

Prol Lighting

Xinxiang Cultural Tourism Center

Xinxiang, 2021

The Fantasy adventure of Magic and The Frozen Xinxiang, known as Muye in ancient times, is one of the important cities in the Central Pl...

Prol Lighting

Ahn Luh Guantang Resorts and Residence

Chengdu, 2021

Ahn Luh Guantang Resorts and Residence – A new Lighting mode for West Sichuan When one’s mind remains tranquil, one could create a whole...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

HONG 0871 Yunnan Cuisine Restaurant

Shanghai, 2020

HONG 0871, the exquisite Yunnan cuisine restaurant was opened in Wusong Road, Shanghai, China. Designed by Wei Wu, the Design Director of...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Xiao Xiang Fu (Zhongguancun No. 1 Restaurant)

Beijing, 2020

“Sleeping upstairs in diaojiao house for a night, one will have romantic dreams for ten years.” Whether it is in Western or Southern Hun...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Huda Restaurant Main Store in Beijing

Beijing, 2020

The famous Beijing restaurant “grown up” from Guijie - The catering strategy trilogy of Huda restaurants In 2020, under the cooperation ...

Drawing Architecture Studio

Di-Matrix Office

Shanghai, 2020

An office design in which decoration is used not only for decorating the surface, but also for organizing the space.

Drawing Architecture Studio

1/4 Chongqing Apartments

Chongqing, 2021

A site-specific installation to reproduce a typical Chongqing apartment building on the scale of 1:4 with everyday objects, e.g. carpet, ...

Drawing Architecture Studio

Dongbei Renaissance

Shenyang, 2021

Dongbei Renaissance is a mural project Drawing Architecture Studio completed at Dong Mao Ku, the city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, as ...


Office in China World Trade Center Tower III

Beijing, 2020

In the China World Trade Center Tower III, a 74-story skyscraper in Beijing, AYZ STUDI O architectural design team completed a new office...


Beijing EasyHome Mobao Smart Audio-Visual Store

Beijing, 2021

Treasure Hunt in a Sound Wonderland Designed by AYZ STUDI O Imagine a piece of music that attract your attention and mak...

Prol Lighting

Conrad Hangzhou Tonglu

Hangzhou, 2019

Explore the light: look up at the bright moon with remembrances of light Chapter 1 Located in the heartland of the golden tourist area c...

Prol Lighting

Beijing CR Land Instreet

Beijing, 2020

Exploring the hidden value of light series People sit together while chatting and laughing, enjoying a slow and relaxing lifestyle. When...

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