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Miao Design Studio is headed by Dr. Pu Miao (缪朴), an architect, architectural scholar and educator based in Shanghai, China and Honolulu, USA. His work is dedicated to the design and theory of a modern architecture and urbanism localized in the context of China. In particular, Miao’s design emphasizes on the integration between indoor and outdoor spaces, and the impact of high-density urban environment upon architecture. From schematic design to construction, Miao and his consultants also focus on the fusing between building form and technology. Please visit for more information.

Design Philosophy
This page presents Pu Miao's current beliefs or "philosophies" which guide his design. These thoughts are to be modified and new ideas will be added.

Modern Architecture has two groups of components, the fundamental ones (e.g., its functionalism and use of newest technology) that are valid to all industrial societies and the incidental ones (its particular forms like the rejection of decoration) that have more to do with the specific conditions of its birthplace, such as the 1920's Europe. Therefore, to build in a non-Western society that is under industrialization, Modernism serves as a powerful instrument, but its incidental part has to be localized. In this process, unique local spatial experience invisible to Western culture may be rediscovered to enrich Modern Architecture.

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