Various Associates

Voisin Organique Restaurant & Lounge

Shenzhen, 2019

Situated in Upper Hills, Futian District, Shenzhen, Voisin Organique is a farm-to-table restaurant features contemporary Chinese cuisine....

Various Associates

C2 Cafe & Bar

Shenzhen, 2019

You are standing on the bridge enjoying the scenery; The sightseer is watching you from the balcony. The bright moon adorns your window...

Various Associates

ATLATL Restaurant

Shanghai, 2020

Known as China's "Silicon Valley", Zhangjiang High-tech Park in Pudong, Shanghai integrates a wide spectrum of key cutting-edge industrie...

hcreates interior design

Luneurs le garde-manger

Shanghai, 2020

Luneurs have rapidly expanded their loyal customer base since their first baked treats delighted customers at their experimental bakery l...



Shenzhen, 2020

Project information Project name: GENTLE L BY ALAN YU Design firm: AD ARCHITECTURE ( Email: [email protected] Ch...


Wu Club

Shantou, 2020

Project Information Project Name: WU Club Client: Ms. Wu Design Company: AD ARCHITECTURE ( Email: [email protected]

Peiquan Ma, Yuan Liu, Jing Cheng, Yuxuan Liang, Zi'ang Li Shreeni Benjamin - YTAA 2020 Asia Winner

The Wall - Children’s Teaching Restaurant

Xiamutang village, Ji 'an city, 2019

This project was built in 2019 by AHO`s Scarcity and Creativity Studio (SCS) and Architecture School of Tianjin University. It is located...

hcreates interior design


Shanghai, 2017

Hooked is a casual fish and chip seafood restaurant and bar in the newly renovated Found 158 complex in Shanghai. The interior is relaxed...

hcreates interior design

Gelato Dal Cuore

Shanghai, 2018

Gelato Dal Cuore is the latest addition to Jing'An eateries resurgence. When it comes to Gelato these guys really know what they are doin...

hcreates interior design

有盐 Ningbo Bakery

Ningbo, 2020

Take a walk through our lastest bakery design for 有盐 (have salt). The interior uses simple material and colour to create a modern, clean-...

hcreates interior design

The Broken Dagger

Shanghai, 2020

Nestled between a hairdresser and a hot pot restaurant on an otherwise typical Shanghai street, a large mural artwork has emerged. Spanni...

hcreates interior design

The Riff

Hong Kong, 2020

For an international city at pace with the world’s best, Hong Kong was missing an internationally recognized home of comedy. Extruded hig...

dongqi Design

AL's Place

Shanghai, 2018

An elegant boutique restaurant, situated on the 4th Floor of K11 in the heart of Shanghai, offers visitors an open dining area with a var...

dongqi Design

White Bird Café & Diner

Shanghai, 2018

White Bird Café & Diner has opened their new shop in Shanghai Designed by dongqi Architects. Black coated steel panels, exposed aggr...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Mica Bar

Weihai, 2018

Remoulded from an ordinary private multiple dwelling house in the Wangjiatuan Village in the city of Weihai, Shangdong Province,the Mica ...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Tai Fu Tai Mansion Area

Sanming, 2016

Shangping Village Regeneration - Tai Fu Tai Mansion Area The last design area of the Shang Ping Village Regeneration is somewhere hidden...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Tourist Center of Anlong Limestone Resort

Anlong, 2017

Over the Hills: Tourist Center of Anlong Limestone Resort Anlong Limestone Resort is located in a karst canyon of Dushan Town, Anlong Co...

Wutopia Lab

Lolly-Laputan kids café

Dalian, 2019

Lolly-laputan Fairyland premium kids café The Fairyland Premium Kids Café designed by Wutopia Lab is officially open to the public in...


San She House

Beijing, 2018

A Nostalgic Space at the foot of the Great Wall Being situated in Beigou Village, Huairou, at the foot of the Mutianyu Great Wall, Beij...

hcreates interior design

Liquid Laundry

Xuhui District, 2015

Spread over a spacious 700sqm's this restaurant is split into four areas, cocktail lounge, beer and brewery, dining and pizza. An indust...

Matteo Thun & Partners

Zwilling – Flagship concept Store + Restaurant…

Shanghai, 2018

Designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez. The best of three worlds. What happens when German engineering meets Italian design and ...

hcreates interior design

Lunuers Community

Shanghai, 2019

Our latest project for one of Shanghai's best bakeries, Luneurs. This tree-lined spot in the former French Concession was destined for a ...

hcreates interior design

Oh Yeah! Brewing Beijing

Beijing, 2019

Beijing welcomes Oh Yeah Brewing to the fold with its new local brew on a grand scale. The city has always been the heart of the growing ...

hcreates interior design


Shanghai, 2018

Luneurs Boulanger + Glacier is situated in a busy little walking street in the Former French Concession, Shanghai. This French-run neighb...

hcreates interior design

Cobra Lily

Shanghai, 2017

Cobra Lily is a Pan-Asian restaurant and bar located in Shanghai's popular Xintandi complex. Designed around a mysterious femme fatale, t...

hcreates interior design

Gemma De Osteria

Shanghai, 2017

Located upstairs from a busy street, Osteria de Gemma is Italian restaurant crazy about pasta. A warm earthy color palette with natural f...


John Anthony

Hong Kong, 2018

John Anthony is a contemporary dim sum restaurant located in Hong Kong. The story behind this new initiative by Maximal Concepts is drawn...

CAA Architects

Casa Talia

Parkview Green, Beijing, 2019

The project is located in Parkview Green, the most artistic commercial office complex in Beijing. In the "heart" of the nearly 100-meter-...



成都, 2019

云镜花园火锅坐落于一个优渥的生态环境中,这里离自然很近,离喧嚣很远,还未落座,思绪就已经飘到了大自然。建筑沿湖成形,自然而优雅地环抱荷塘,如同火锅升腾的雾气缭绕在林间。 在保证舒适就餐环境的前提下,对自然环境进行了最小程度的人工干预——省略墙体语言,仅用柱与板轻盈地匿于林间...

Drawing Architecture Studio

ORIGINALFRESH The Grand Summit Beijing

Beijing, 2018

ORIGINALFRESH The Grand Summit Beijing is a juice shop. The site is featured with a wide façade and shallow depth, which inspired DAS to ...


The Gingko House Flagship Store

Hong Kong, 2017

The Gingko House new flagship restaurant is a community project. Gingko House is a restaurant chain that provide employment for the elder...

Laboratorio Permanente

Food Market - a luxury food market in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2015

How to convey into a shopping mall the vibration and vitality of the outside city? Looking back at the traditional commercial streets, th...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Jin Bar, Mandarin Oriental

Guangzhou, 2015

Intent of this interior renovation project was to introduce a new “anchoring bar” function into a traditional buffet-style all-day dining...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Mix by Mandarin Oriental

Guangzhou, 2016

Mix is a F&B outlet in city’s prime commercial space run by the Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou, China. Designers have fully utilised and...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Hyde Mansion Clubhouse

Guangzhou, 2016

The interior design of this elegant clubhouse aligns with the design intent of the entire development – recreating the deluxe lifestyle o...


Shenzhen Maoshuli Cafe

Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, 2015

The project is located outside the West Gate of Shenzhen University. The owner is the same of our DW design and two projects are next to ...

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