Shenzhen Maoshuli Cafe

Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, 2015

The project is located outside the West Gate of Shenzhen University. The owner is the same of our DW design and two projects are next to ...

Hashimoto Yukio Design Studio Inc.


Taipei, 2017



Shenzhen, 2015

A tea house awash with apentagonal pattern that defies the grid of the surrounding buildings, simulating a winding journey through tea fi...


Naked Stables

Hangzhou, 2011

The resort, located 2.5 hours from Shanghai, has 120 rooms, two restaurants, a bar and a conference center. The interior design was done ...


Fushengyu Hotspring Resort

Mian Yang, 2015

This luxury hot spring resort is built around the hilltop of Luo Fu Shan, in Sichuan Province. The site is 300Mu or 21Ha, with 70.000 m2 ...

KI Studio

Wangjiang Park

Hangzhou, 2009

The site encompasses an area of approximately 4 hectares along the foreshore of the Qiantang River. Key challenge of the project included...

KI Studio

Hangzhou New CBD Foreshore Park

Hangzhou, 2006

The site encompasses an area of approximately 37 hectares along the foreshore of the Qiantang River to be used as a multi-function park a...


Tony's Farm

Shanghai, 2011

Context Tony’s Farm is the biggest organic food farm in Shanghai, which produces OFDC certified (member of ...


Tony's Organic House

Shanghai, 2013

Context Following a successful collaboration for a multifunctional building complex at Tony’s Farm, playze ...

gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

SOHO Fuxing Lu

Shanghai, 2015

Die Französische Konzession im Herzen Shanghais ist von einzigartigen riegelartigen Gebäudestrukturen geprägt, den sogenannten Li Long. L...

Plasma Studio

Xixian Eco-Restaurant and Gate

Xi'an, 2014

Based on the eco-strategy of the overall park, the restaurant has as an organic set up, with a menu centered on Xian’s regional produce a...


Lone Ranger

Shanghai, 2014

Linehouse was asked to create a new modern fast food identity for Lone Ranger; a hot dog shop, incorporating a wild west theme. R...


Shenzhen Deli

Shenzen, 2014

LineHouse was commissioned to design a delicatessen in Shenzhen. The deli is conceived from both inside and out as an intricate...

EXH Planning Architecture Interior

Nanjing Fullshare Restaurant Extension

Nanjing, 2013

Nanjing Fullshare Restaurant is located in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. The Client wanted to keep Min-Qing Style Building an...

Studio Georges Hung

Sanya Phoenix Island - Commercial-Leisure…


Situated on the resort themed island, Phoenix Island, the Leisure-Commercial -cultural centre is designed to be the main destination poin...


Tree Clubhouse

Beijing, 2014

Located in Grand Canal Forest Park, Tree Clubhouse is supposed to provide catering services and hold reunions, exhibitions and business m...

OPEN Architecture

OPEN Prototype for Temporary Sales Pavilion

Beijing, 2013

As a unique Chinese architectural typology in recent years, sales pavilion reflects rather interesting phenomena. A sales pavilion will s...

Meier Partners

OCT Shenzhen Clubhouse

Shenzhen, 2012

Sited on a prominent island in the middle of the OCT harbor lake, the new OCT Shenzhen Clubhouse will provide guests and members with a r...

DBI Design



Located in the Dachi district in Taipei, ‘Yihwa’ is a mixed use urban renewal project comprising of a 5 star hotel, serviced apartments, ...

EXH Planning Architecture Interior

Roche Canteen

Shanghai, 2009

This canteen is proposed as a 2 storey building with large cantilevered terraces. The facades are mostly glazed and the transparency allo...

Pu Miao

Restaurant, Sichang Park

Kunshan, 2012

The restaurant is located in a linear park along a preserved natural river in a newly developed suburban area of Kunshan, a booming indus...

Environmental Planning Studio

Shanghai Organic Fruits Farm/Visitor Center

Shanghai, 2013

Winning design of ICONIC DESIGN AWARDS 2013 [design concept] We designed the visitor center and landscape as a destination to promote th...


Moganshan Power Plant Redevelopment Planning

Hangzhou, 2009

“Jewelry Box” is a planning proposal that aim at revitalize the Moganshan Power Plant campus to the north of the famous touri...

10 Design

China-Taiwan Cross Strait Forum & CBD Mixed Use…

Pingtan, 2011

Pingtan is planned as a new commercial hub to drive communication and commercial trade between China and Taiwan. Part of the competition ...


De Café

Beijing, 2010

De-café bookstore standardarchitecture’s experiment on small scale urban transformation Located on Che...


Tibet Yarluntzangbu Grand Canyon Art Centre

Pai Town, Linzhi, Tibet, 2011

The Yarlong River (Yarlong Tsangpo in Tibetan, Yalu Zangbu Jiang in Chinese – the architects transcribe it as Yarluntzangbu) has it...

Pu Miao

Sichang-Road Teahouse

Kunshan, 2007

Located between an urban street and a preserved river, the design of the teahouse explored ways to reintroduce nature into modern Chinese...

Pu Miao

Kangju Community Center

Kushan, 2006

With modern buildings increasingly being designed as one large and centralized mass, this design revisited the decentralized model. Cater...

Pu Miao

Pavilions in Lake Yangcheng Park

Kunshan, 2010

In the last two decades, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China has transformed itself from an ancient canal town to a modern industrial city. ...

Pu Miao

Teahouse, Xiaolangdi Dam Park

Luoyang, 2002

The main purpose of the park is to allow tourists to view the largest dam across the Yellow River. People can also swim in a lake made by...

Slade Architecture

Barbie Cafe

Shanghai, 2008

Slade Architecture designed the Barbie Café and B-Bar on the sixth floor of the Barbie Flagship store in Shanghai, China as an imm...


Tianzhushan Mountain Center

Anhui, 2010

It is located in Anhui province, in one of the 5 sacred Taoist mountain of china, beautiful and very famous that’s why the government wan...

Scenic Architecture

Dashawan Beach Facilities at Liandao Island

Liandao Island, 2008

The site locates on the east seafront of Liandao island of Lianyungang, an emerging harbor city booming in the middle section of the coas...

TM Studio

Dongs’ House Restaurant

Suzhou, 2003

Location: Pingjiang Road, Suzhou Design: 9/2003 - 11/2003 Construction: 11/2003 - 7/2004 Architect: TONG Ming, CHEN ...


Dalian Amber Bay

Dalian, 2011

Dalian Amber Bay Beach Front Development The Amber Bay is located along Binhai Road, Dalians famous scenic coastal road on the city’s so...


Qinhuai bar & shops

Nanjing, 2008

The site is located between Nanjing downtown and the airport in a development zone along the Qinhuai river that passes through the city a...

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