Casa Talia

Parkview Green, Beijing
CAA Architects
Parkview Green, Beijing
Tiago Group
Liu Hao Wei, Edward Ednilao, Zhang Pan, Felix Amiss, Deng Yue, Ren Zhuoying

The project is located in Parkview Green, the most artistic commercial office complex in Beijing. In the "heart" of the nearly 100-meter-high open atrium, there appears a mysterious white and pure Artwork suspended in the air, which is CASA TALIA Restaurant designed by CAA architects led by Liu Haowei.

Considering the restaurant brand's positioning on Spanish food, CAA combined the spatial conception of the unique site with the usual surreal dramatic spatial language and the worship of Mediterranean nature. The "flower of life" nourished by the rain and dew in the air on the terrace is the best interpretation of the restaurant brand concept. Some say it is like a wave, like a shell and like a holy grail, and others say it is like a palm of a pearl...In fact, in the perception of architects, it can be any living body bathed in the sun. Warm and powerful, it is the initial emotion for the site space, and naturally it is also the pursuit of a brand-new space.

The Flower of Life changes the one-layer terrace into a double deck. Through a short spiral staircase, you can come to the Flower center, which gives a different spatial experience. The flower center is a pure land free from external interference, like being in the center of a theater of the living body, and on the top of your head having a shower of sunshine and rain. A panoramic view of the public art area of the Green Grass is in eyes.

Stepping into the restaurant, you are as if placed in the secret environment of the holy church. The concrete skeleton structure forms a new space system, which is interwoven and enclosed, and extends with layers like an illusion. From the simple rectangular space to the endless fantasy cave, the reconstructed skeleton structure blocks the surrounding shopping mall environment, instantly pulling you into a surreal dream, and gradually silences the noisy atmosphere.

CAA wants people who come here to have fun and an unusual experience, whether it’s drinking alone, gathering with friends, or hosting the most ceremonial events. Contemporary space design is no longer limited to design itself, but more likely to promote commerce and market from a dimension of space construction. The dramatic scene of multi-dimensional sensory experience, the integration of art into business, and breaking the boundary between reality and virtual become a sustainable IP enabling and creating value, which is the direction of continuous development in many offline physical consumption fields in this era and even in the future.

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