DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Beijing Kids Town

Beijing, 2021

Infinite Mobius Ring--- Beijing Kids Town Children are our hope and future. The increasingly diversified children's activity space bring...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Balabala Kids Shop at Daxing Airport

Beijing, 2020

This airport is the latest work of the architect Zaha Hadid.It is currently the largest single airport terminal in the world.For the view...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

English Giraffe in Shanghai

Shanghai, 2019

Classroom floating in the air---Space Design for English Giraffe in Shanghai In 2018, the English Giraffe Elite campus settled in Xuhui ...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

"Light up" urban community with renewed…

Tianjin, 2020

"Light up" urban community with renewed Balabala House on Tianjin Binjiang Avenue With the development of modern urban life, many old n...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Flowing Chapter---Space Renovation Design for…

Shanghai, 2020

Flowing Chapter---Space Renovation Design for English Giraffe in Qiantan, Shanghai Children are our future. In a multi-dimensional world...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

"Ribbon" of the Silk Road – Lanzhou Yin Da Ru…

Gansu, 2017

"Ribbon" of the Silk Road: Lanzhou Yin Da Ru Qin In this project, the architectural design is inspired by the "Ribbon" of the Silk Road....

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

PARK by balabala

Foshan, 2021

With the introduction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area policy, the city of Foshan has begun to attract public attention....

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Library on Zijin Campus

Nanjing, 2020

Injecting multiple formats: the opening and rebirth of "Library" After nearly 40 years of rapid development, Chinese cities have reached...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Jinniu District Library

Chengdu, 2019

DUTS design has recently completed the new“Chengdu Jinniu District Library”, after four years of construction. The project is located in ...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

World Expo Joint Pavilion No.3

Shanghai, 2019

Renovation Design on the top floor of previous World Expo Joint Pavilion No.3 Recently, DUTS Design completed a new working space design...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Building 8 in Happiness Dock

Shanghai, 2018

Renovation Project of Building 8 in Happiness Dock DUTStudio completed an old factory space renovation project in Huangpu District, Shan...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Linxia Olympic Sports Center Stadium

Linxia, 2015

Flourishing "Peony" Located in the core area of Linxia Planned New Town, Linxia Olympic Sports Center Stadium covers an area of 41,134 s...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

"Dome of the Flower" - Linxia Grand Theater

Linxia, 2015

Text description provided by the architects. Linxia Grand Theater is located in the core area of a new planned town in Linxia City, Gansu...

Parallect Design


昆明, 2018



Nanchang NIO House

Nanchang, 2021

The living room of a water town - Nanchang NIO House Founded in 2014, NIO is an innovative electric automotive company focusing on high-...


“Cross the Street and Embed Gardens" -- AI…

Shanghai, 2021

The concept of open block and its values of intensive land use, multiple functions and public life have provided a new possibility for ur...

Atelier tao+c

SPMA store

Shanghai, 2021

On ground floor of a 1930’s old house in Shanghai, atelier tao+c transformed the former residential space into a boutique retail space fo...


The New Bund School of No.2 Secondary School of…


The New Bund School, which combines nine-year system primary and secondary schools with kindergarten, is located in Riverside Internation...


Bing Chang Tian New Bund Kindergarten

Shanghai, 2018

Kindergarten Department is going to be operated independently. At the western end of the second and third floors, the department combines...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Xuji Seafood Restaurant Mixc World

Xi'an, 2022

With 22 years’ prosperous history, Xuji Seafood has been characterized by live seafood to broke through the weak era of Chinese catering ...

Parallect Design


苏州, 2022

白马涧休闲餐吧坐落于苏州白马涧龙池景区。景区整体占地7平方公里,是苏州高新区的生态“绿肺”,作为苏州少有的“山区”,景区内的湖光山色尤其秀丽多姿。项目南临龙池,北接凤潭,我们希望能够借此创造一个观景建筑,将自然风光引入休闲体验中。 本次设计为建筑改造,其一大难点就是原结构...


Fuli Garment Factory Renovation

Yangpu, 2015

Located on Fengcheng road in Yangpu district of shanghai, the former Fuli Garment Factory, which was founded in 1985, is still running wh...


Shangsian Cottage

Huzhou, 2016

Located on the west shore of Taihu Lake, shangsi’an village is flown through by Si’antang creek. A historic stone bridge connects two sid...


Human Horizons

Shanghai, 2020-ongoing

In 2020, GRAFT was commissioned by the Chinese company Human Horizons to design the retail identity of their electric car brand HiPhi. Th...

New Practice Studio

Chapter and Verse Hotel

Wuzhen, 2021

Inspired by the local architectural context of residences built above waterways, the design of the hotel centers around an atrium with a ...

Parallect Design

Lim Pizza Store

Suzhou, 2021

LIM PIZZA is located in Lvbao Square pedestrian street, Huqiu District, Suzhou. The site of this project is a square storefront which cov...

beyondtime architects


北京, 2021

这个项目位于北京某小区内一住宅楼首层的新置二手房。 第一次拜访这套房子的时候,被迎面扑来的南向的院子和被阳光打在墙上的树影所吸引,刹那间淡忘了进入小区前穿越北京城区的拥堵和夏日的闷热。房子的现状是打通了所有隔墙作为画室使用的大敞间,沿着墙体在房间内游走,开始酝酿被重新分隔空...

hcreates interior design

Zodiac - Shanghai Shankangli

Shanghai, 2021

Shanghai’s Jing An District has a new moody and atmospheric cocktail bar centred around signs of the zodiac. The space was previously a s...


Tianmei Theater

Hangzhou, 2021

Internal Scenery: Transformation of the Front Hall of Tianmei Theater

hcreates interior design

Luneurs - Entourage

Shanghai, 2021

Nestled amongst the trees of South Wulumuqi Lu, the collection of Heritage buildings has been home to several things over the past 100 ye...


Seesaw Coffee

Shanghai, 2019

Seesaw coffee is a chinese franchise store that has started in Shanghai. A new store was to be designed on the 3rd floor of a shopping ...

10 Design

CIFI Chengdu Wansheng TOD Project

International architecture practice, 10 Design (part of Egis Group), revealed plans for a 117,700sqm retail destination located within We...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Power Station Auxiliary East Building

Shanghai, 2019

Wild and Symbiotic: Yang Pu Riverfront Urban Space Renovation It is the former site of the Shanghai Power Station Auxiliary Equipment Wo...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Caoyang Centennial Park

Shanghai, 2021

Ivy of Steel, Valley of Style A public urban landscape-infrastructure project, the Caoyang Centennial Park is located in a former railwa...

Touch Design

Return to Innocence

Beijing, 2021

Wabi is full of appreciation and cherishment of primitive simplicity. It is not minimalism or emptiness, but a unique sense of indifferen...

HPP Architekten GmbH

SAIC Motor Pudong Arena

Shanghai, 2021

Landmarke für Chinas Fußballkultur Mit 33.765 Sitzplätzen ist die SAIC Motor Pudong Arena die neue Heimspielstätte des Profi-Fußballvere...

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