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Founded in 2017 by partners Gong Jian and Liu Meng, atelier right hub (right hub) based on the inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional culture, and combined with western design aesthetics, which provide a more international perspective of architecture, interior, overall planning and graphic design services.

We always regard “research” as a powerful tool for design, because each project has its own unique background. A careful and thorough study of planning operation, location, function and history is the essential to create a rigorous work. Based on research, Right Hub focus on the building and experience, detail, material, shape and lighting of the positive interaction, rather than simply follow the stereotype. The final success of each project is based on the appearance of the building itself and the quality of indoor space is highly consistent and expressed perfectly.

Atelier Right Hub has been featured widely by the domestic and foreign press, including CCTV-2, gooood.cn, Archiposition.com, ArchDaily China, ArchDaily Global, AD Magazine, Sina.com, NetEase.com, Sohu.com, id-China.com.cn, designwire.com.cn, ABBS.com.cn, China Interior Magazine, Architect Magazine, Open Design Taiwan, ADCC China and many more print and online media. Right Hub and their design have been recognized by a number of prestigious domestic and international design awards, such as Singapore Interior Design Awards, Taiwan Six Arts Awards, China Interior Design Awards, Nest Award, I-DING Design Awards, IDS List of International Design Awards, Golden Bund Awards, Idea-Tops Awards, Art Display China Crystal Kylin Awards, Tencent Jin Teng Awards, Jin Tang Prize, etc.

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