Brloote Flagship

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“Squares remove their materiality and merge into infinity. All that remains is the indistinct trace of its appearance” - Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich, painted the famous 《A Black Square on White》 in 1913. And he believes that supremacist painting is the spiritual and pure form of art, the purest example is sketch a square by pencil.

It is rare to see colours except black, white and grey in the Brloote menswear. The brand occasionally uses blue and purple, but in a tiny proportion. The comfort, quality and detail are the main features of their fabric and materials. It seems that in the original intention of research and development of clothes, client prefer to make this brand in a simple and powerful way of suprematism, which does not follow the current market trend.

Therefore, the language of Brloote clothes led our thoughts to the purity of the《A black square on white》when the Greater Dog started space design on primary phase.

We apply the interpretation of Malevich’s square into this space: the geometric shapes of different sizes vary from line to black pieces, they cross, overlap as well as avoid each other. A thin black line divided space into two parts slightly and secretly.

The idea of installation pieces constructs the constructivism of multiple viewpoints in space, which is the continuation of its own shapes, or another possibility to explore space.

We assume that a molded language on a canvas can be brought into space, so we started trying to stretch, cross, rotate and place the black square on a clean white “space canvas” to form a pure physical structure. using it to complete the geometry conception of objects and space, and try to leave the eternal rhythm of the strength in installation.

Thus, the meaning of objects and space is also activated in this condition, meanwhile, the dimension of imagination is obtained, and it changes, extends and grows in the thinking of its function.

The display table becomes to another group of black squares on white “space canvas” and it shows extension object of the installations in the space.Two similar black squares are combined by different high and embedded into each other to form a new shape, which creates another 90 degree vertical angle. Moreover, a new set of geometric forms is formed by breaking and reorganizing.

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