TOMO Design

Neighborhood Center of Nanxing Future Community

Hangzhou, 2023

Eliel Saarinen observed that the built environment of a city reflects the cultural pursuits of its citizens. About city culture and neig...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Zijing International Conference Camp

Jingdezhen, 2022

Zijing International Conference Camp is located in the mountains and ravines on the west side of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi. The site was origin...

Greater Dog Architects

「BRLOOTE Headquarters」Multi Utilization of…

Shaoxing City, 2024

“The architecture we are trying to create is integrated with the environment, featuring sharp forms that emerge within the existing cont...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

Nantou Hybrid Building

Shenzhen, 2022

Nantou, where a hidden millennia-old town and a lively urban village collide and integrate, has been simultaneously written in the grand ...


NIO Delivery Center

Shanghai Jiading Nanxiang, 2023

NIO’s largest delivery center to date follows a lifestyle-oriented interior design template created by Kokaistudios for the electric car ...


Commercial Podium in East Alley

Shanghai Suhe MixC World, 2022

A Gateway to Suhe: A New Destination Blended with Its Surroundings Rounding out Kokaistudios’ recent Suhe MixC World in Shanghai which c...


Beijing EasyHome Mobao Smart Audio-Visual Store

Beijing, 2021

Treasure Hunt in a Sound Wonderland Designed by AYZ STUDI O Imagine a piece of music that attract your attention and mak...

Parallect Design


迪庆藏族自治州香格里拉市, 2020


Parallect Design


苏州, 2021

在长三角一体化的大背景下, 苏州各区新城的生活也随产业布局被分割成不同的区域,而太湖新城作为最新的开发区域,多元文化与基础设施的升级必然是区域的发展趋势。苏州湾体育公园位于太湖新城的核心-东太湖生态旅游度假区内, 公园内有花海、步道、池塘、球场,树木繁茂, 是旅游度假、户外...

10 Design

Nanjing Dajiaochang Airport Mixed Development


10 Design releases new plans for a transport-oriented retail destination in Nanjing Jointly led by Design Partners, Chin Yong Ng and Luk...


Cheng Du Capital Mall


Capitaland Jinniuは地域の中心部に位置しています。 13,000平方メートルのスカイガーデンを有するこのショッピングセンターは、地域交流の中心地でもあります。 私たちは、インテリアをはじめとして、エクステリア、ランドスケープなど、すべての照明デザインに携...

COCC. and coherent AG

V-ZUG Shanghai - Corporate Architecture

Shanghai, 2020

CIMEN International Building Materials and Home Furnishing Center V-ZUG Store



北京, 2021




在杭州一片规模约一百万平方米的新开发的CBD区域,叠术建筑为杭州万科设计了一个标志性的销售中心‘折点’。这一区域将成为杭州未来的“硅谷”,阿里巴巴和腾讯等中国市场领先企业将参与其中。 建筑外观由三个盒子堆叠而成,与售楼中心的三个规划功能相对应:住宅项目的销售;办公项目的销...



叠术建筑作为四家竞标公司之一,参与了杭州未来科技城的绿汀岛规划设计。本项目的四大地块被两条道路分隔,由地铁站为核心创造的TOD发展模式,将交通便利的连接与自然和休闲空间有机地结合起来。两个主要实现这个目标的策略为: 1)绿色环形公园: 围绕着四个地块的绿色环形湿地公园激活并...




hcreates interior design

Switching Time

Shanghai, 2020

FUTURE INVESTMENT THROUGH DESIGN AND COLOUR A colourful and fresh new space for this energetic and successful Shanghai based Integrated C...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Shenshan Ridge Integrated Service Center

Guangshan, 2019

Folded Horizontal Lines – Architectural Design of the Shenshan Ridge Integrated Service Center Location and background of Project The pr...



Shanghai, 2018

This urban renewal project is located in Shanghai, Changning district. A shut down chemical factory has been converted into a lively urba...

Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

SOHO 3Q WuJiaoChang

Shanghai, 2019

Aus Alt mach Neu. In Shanghai verwandeln wir ein ausrangiertes Kaufhaus in energiegeladenen Community Space. Coworking Spaces wie das S...


Mirror Garden


Mirror Garden ARCHSTUDIO transformed a small individual building situated in an old hutong neighborhood of Beijing. Due to historic reas...

hcreates interior design

New Zealand Central

Shanghai, 2018

The Client wanted to design a space which delivered an authentic experience, that showcased New Zealand. The space needed to be function...

hcreates interior design


Shanghai, 2019

Zespri has relaunched and expanded its China headquarters in Shanghai. They took the opportunity to create a new aesthetic for the whole...

Ferrier Marchetti Studio


Shanghai, 2019

LUO studio


Puyang, 2018

基于常规木材和技术的普用空间营造——珑府生活体验中心 1,功能与空间的剥离 地产营销中心在完成销售后,多数时候会被拆除,使用时间长则几年,短则数月,是一种非常“短命”的建筑类型;少数时候保留下来也将被完全更改使用性质,它的内部空间一般装修繁复,在功能改造过程中也会带来极大...



Wuhang, 2015

外墙设计原则: 我公司选择幕墙结构式,在满足外观视觉效果的同时也同样考虑了幕墙的经济性,施工组织的合理性,精选出高性价比且能够应用于实际工程中的幕墙结构系统,紧紧围绕,安全,环保,节能,减排,美观维护方便,经济,合理的原则来展开设计。 安全可靠原则: 针对本工程所处的...


Midwest Inland Port Financial Town

Xi’an, 2015

Maike Metals Group (Maike) is one of China’s biggest non-ferrous metal suppliers and traders with the largest trading volume of copper ca...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Victoria Dockside

Tsim Sha Tsui, 2019

Victoria Dockside is a remodeling development of the former New World Centre, which is one of the ambitious and comprehensive urban remod...

Jiakun Architects

West Village

Chengdu, 2015

West Village is a maxi-courtyard that adopts an atypical design when compared to other commercial complexes in that its centrifugal layou...


Crossboundaries' Office

Beijing, 2015

A former auditorium is transformed into lofty contemporary workspaces. Centered around an atrium,windows open into four offices spaces, e...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Renovation of China Resources Building

Wanchai, 2012

The China Resources Building (CRB) was used to be an icon of 1980s. To cope with the growth of commercial activities in North Wanchai and...

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Shenzen Stock Exchange

Shenzen, 2013

The essence of the stock market is speculation: it is based on capital, not material. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is conceived as a physi...

Studio Georges Hung

Great Wall Technology Headquarters Tower


1+1=1 Cities are, by definition and nature, spaces of permanent changes. Its mutating physiognomy reveals its intentions a...

Studio Georges Hung

VC-PE Tower

Shenzhen, 2015

The VC&PE Tower creates a new perspective on the city of Shenzhen. It forms the most visually distinctive landmark tower within the N...

Studio Georges Hung

Hang Yang Xin He Mixed Use Tower

Nanning, 2010

Hang Yang Xin He Mixed Use Tower is a commercial-retail development comprising of an iconic 250 meter high rise grade-A office tower with...

SKEW Collaborative

Chinese Academy of Sciences IOT Center

Jiading, Shanghai, 2011

The site for this new exhibition center and laboratories was the former 1962 Soviet-designed low-density office cluster sitting amongst a...

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