Hong Designworks

ECCO Global flagship Store

Shanghai, 2021

Ecco flagship store locates on Huaihai Rd —— the interaction of eastern and western culture by many international brands. Ecco, a Danish ...


Glow Like That

Hong Kong, 2019

“Glow Like That” is the first contemporary art exhibition held by K11 Art Foundation on the 21st floor of Victoria Dockside, an office to...


kapok K11 Musea

Hong Kong, 2019

This is the second store COLLECTIVE designs for Kapok. The spatial quality of the given site inside the shopping mall is a challenge – ...


Wavy Weaving Wall

Hong Kong, 2018

“ An Outdoor Passive Kinetic Sculpture produced by an Artist and a team of Architects” Spanning the 4m x 23m wall of The Park, Lam Tung ...


kapok Sun Street

Hong Kong, 2019

kapok is the quintessential lifestyle / fashion index in Hong Kong - it is globally oriented in its offerings, with an ever-changing sele...



Hong Kong, 2020

Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2021 PENCILLIN is Hong Kong’s first closed-loop sustainable concept bar that pushes the boundaries of cu...


Seeds of Time

Shanghai, 2016

SHANGHAI PROJECT CHAPTER 2 “SEEDS OF TIME” FIELD, SEQUENCE AND ROOMS The Shanghai Project is an ever evolving entity, with the launch...


Tatler Asia Headquarters

Hong Kong, 2019

Located in the former industrial Wong Chuk Hang neighbourhood in the southside of Hong Kong Island, Tatler Asia Headquarters is home to t...

Vermilion Zhou Design

Jiading Public Library & Cultural Center

Jiading Distr, 2013

Jiading Public Library and Cultural Center is one of the important development projects in Jiading New City. Vermilion ZhouDesign Group, ...

10 Design

Nanjing Dajiaochang Airport Mixed Development


10 Design releases new plans for a transport-oriented retail destination in Nanjing Jointly led by Design Partners, Chin Yong Ng and Luk...

Vermilion Zhou Design

JI Space

Shanghai, 2017

What is the lifestyle of contemporary Chinese people? This is the question we have been exploring when designing the Ji Hotel, if "Wen, L...

Vermilion Zhou Design

Luneng Grasse Vila

Beijing, 2018

The accumulation of life forms into Culture. According to progress of science and technology, exchanges between the East and the West are...

Vermilion Zhou Design

CANOONE Studio & Big Shot Office


Chen Man, known as an international visual artist and fashion photographer, has a strong oriental sense on her works, which express inter...

Vermilion Zhou Design

Blossom House Shanghai On The Bund

Huangpu District, 2020

"Relaxation, then, is not an end; for it is taken for the sake of activity."——Aristotle (Greek philosopher) "Blossom House Shanghai On T...

Vermilion Zhou Design

Joya Shanghai Gubei

Changning District, 2020

As a luxury hotel chain in China, the Joya Hotel aims to offer a quiet and elegant stay experience. In our design purpose, we try to crea...

Vermilion Zhou Design

Crystal Hotel

Shanghai, 2021

The texture of the crystal comes from purity and penetration without impurities. Only under strong light, the crystal can reflect the col...

Vermilion Zhou Design

‘Green massage’ Lujiazui store

Shanghai, 2021

“The fisherman beheld a hill, with a small opening from which issued a glimmer of light.” — A Tale of the Fountain of the Peach Blossom S...

Atelier Heimat

New Office of Atelier Heimat

Beijing, 2019

The project is located in the urban fringe in a cultural and creative park outside the East Fifth Ring Road in Beijing. The cultural and ...

Atelier Heimat

Renovation of Luotuowan Bridge

Baoding, 2017

The goal is to cover a space efficiently with the least materials and in the mean time make full use of the limited material resources fr...

Atelier Heimat

Lounge Bridge Renovation

Baoding, 2016

The village where the project is located will have the possibility of planning and road adjustment in the future, accordingly, the renov...

Atelier Heimat

Ban(半) House

Weinan, 2013

Brick and wood structure buildings, which exist in large numbers in rural areas, have obvious deficiencies in seismic capacity, lighting,...

United Practice Architects | UPA

The Hillside House

Tianjin, 2020

The project, which was a detached farmhouse, is located in Jizhou District, Tianjin. The client advocates the spiritual realm of Tao Yuan...

United Practice Architects | UPA

Xinzhaiping Village Renewal

Xinzhaiping Village, 2021

Old and New Coexistence: Xinzhaping Village Renewal Located in Luxi County, Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xinangxi, Hunan Province...

Office ZHU

Tulou Renovation

Nanjing, 2021

Nanjing County is located in the north-western part of China. The County is famous for its Hakka Tulou Complex, which was inscribed on th...



Chengdu, 2021

Since its establishment, the A8 Design Center has been committed to holding diversified and interesting crossover activities, and providi...




啤酒是最常民化的酒精饮料之一,青岛啤酒自1903年创办至今,每代人都会对其有着丰富的记忆。青岛1903啤酒概念店是一次品牌试验,为青岛啤酒这一深入人心的国产品牌再定义新的品牌形象、建立新的品牌体验。 项目地点位于北京望京麒麟社,是拥有丰富地域餐种的热闹街区,我们试图在复杂...

10 Design

Fushan Primary School


Led by Design Partner Ted Givens, 10 Design has just completed the new Fushan Primary School, which will serve as an educational and comm...

Lemanarc SA

Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital

Suzhou, 2020

Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital, located in Suzhou Industrial Park, covers a total area of 156,000 square meters, with a total planned constru...



北京, 2021


Atelier Alter Architects

WuliEpoch Culture Center

Beijing, 2018

WuliEpoch Culture Center attempts to create a triptych for architecture, landscape and interior design in the project. While the project ...

Atelier Alter Architects

BIT Sports Center in Beijing

Beijing, 2009

Located in Liangxiang, the satellite city of Beijing, the BIT Sports Center, along with the BIT Stadium, frame an entrance to the new BIT...

hcreates interior design

Mini Cuppa

Shanghai, 2021

hcreates recently opened a new café for Mini Cuppa in the Sky Soho development in Hongqiao, Shanghai. The client wanted a fun and cosy s...

10 Design

Gaoxin Hi-Tech Commercial Hub

Zhuhai, 2021

International architecture practice 10 Design completes Gaoxin Hi-Tech Commercial Hub, a circa 54,400sqm office development located along...

CM Design



SMOORE Liutang Industrial Park locates in Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, at the northeast corner of the Liutang Park and adjac...

EXH Planning Architecture Interior

Haiyang Village

Wuhan, 2019

Haiyang village is located two hours south of the city of Wuhan, within a hilly, wooded terrain interspersed with ponds. Today, the young...

DnA Design and Architecture

Tofu Factory

Songyang , 2018

Caizhai Village is a traditional mountain village built along Shicang River over the past two hundred years. The village has always been ...

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