Studio Zhu-Pei

Zibo OCT Art Center

Zibo, 2020

Zibo OCT Art Center, an introverted experimental work, is in an open area far away from the city. Its architectural form is conceived fro...


Jinan NIO House

Jinan, 2022

House of Progress – Jinan NIO House With its recent European launch, NIO is steadily entering the international electric vehicle market ...


Crossboundaries' Transformable Workplace

Beijing, 2021

Beyond workspace. Reinforcing innovation in resilience. By the end of 2020, the two most significant typologies for everyday use as a so...

atelier mearc

Longshang Books Cafe

Shanghai, 2018

No element changed, only the way presented. Chemical Bookstore was located on Meilong Rd, Shanghai. It was a typical old style bookstore....

TANZO Space Design

TANZO天作王大泉:观自在 · 城乡自宅 | 传统当代化系列


项目信息 项目名称:观自在 项目类型:室内+景观 项目地点:北京市海淀区 设计单位:北京天作空间设计公司( 主创设计师:王大泉 项目策划:王坤 设计时间:2021-2022 项目面积:442㎡ 灯光设计:光宴盛品 家具品牌:素元,梵几,...

TANZO Space Design



项目名称:张家口图书馆 项目地点:中国 · 河北 项目面积:22200㎡ 完工时间:2021.04 室内设计:北京天作空间设计公司 + 清尚设计院 设计主创:王大泉 设计网站 ( 项目摄影:史云峰 ...


Quzhou Stadium

Quzhou, 2022

MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has completed Quzhou Stadium, the centerpiece of a complex spanning almost 700,000 square meters that ...

Lemanarc SA

Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital

Xiamen, 2021

Completed in September 2021 with a construction surface of 96,000m2 and 600 numbers of beds, Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital brings a ...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Techstorm Headquarter Industrial Park

Shanghai, 2022

DUTS Design was commissioned by Techstorm in 2019 to build a headquarter industrial park in Lin Gang, Shanghai. DUTS team provides design...

atelier mearc

Huangpu Center Office Lobby

Shanghai, 2021

Huangpu Center is located in the place known as Old West Gate in Shanghai. From the map, it is located at the corner of the junction whe...

atelier mearc

Begonia Inn

Chenzhou, 2021

Take a closer look at Dongjiang Lake on the map and it shows that it consists of two parts: Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area and Dongjiang Rese...

TOMO Design

Gemdale · Cosmo Sales Center

Nantong, 2022

Project Name: Gemdale · Cosmo Sales Center, Nantong Client: Gemdale Corporation (East China Region) Location: Nantong, China Area: 1,200 ...


Citic Square

Shanghai, 2022

CITIC SQUARE Renovation | Pixels Within Pixels: Bring a Historic Commercial Corner up to Date Dynamic and futuristic, Kokaistudios’ late...

M&N Environmental Planning Institute

Greentown Beijing Xifu Haitang

Beijing, 2021

design / supervision

10 Design

Haisco Plaza

Chengdu, 2022

A Green Community Centre in Chengdu’s New High-Tech Zone Designed by international architecture practice 10 Design (part of Egis Group)...

TOMO Design

Metro Station Passage at Vanke Wonderland

Hangzhou, 2022

Name: Metro Station Passage at Vanke Wonderland, Hangzhou Client: Hangzhou Xishu Real Estate Co., Ltd. Management team: Vanke Hangzhou Lo...



深圳, 2021

大都市是工业社会的乌托邦,它拥抱技术,对未来的一切想象和憧憬都在这里以一种加速的方式被实现。80年代以来,发展的浪潮一步步将十几亿人口推向城市化的狂欢——城市即乐园。 在鳞次栉比的城市图景之中,个体的情感与记忆却往往被隐藏起来,如像素般密集而模糊。 展览希望通过艺术家在...


Baiziwan Social Housing

Beijing, 2021

Baiziwan Social Housing (later referred to as Baiziwan) is the first affordable housing project by MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong. Sit...

TOMO Design

Gemdale Upview Sales Center

Shenzhen, 2022

Project Name: Gemdale Upview Sales Center, Shenzhen Client: Gemdale Corporation (South China Region) Location: Shenzhen, China Area: 600...

TOMO Design

X11 Toy Collection Store in Xi'an Mixc World

Xi'an, 2021

Name: X11 Toy Collection Store in Xi'an Mixc World Client: KK Group Location: Xi'an, China Area: 1000 Square Meters Date: 2021 Studio: TO...

TOMO Design

Sunac · Beyond Mansion

Tianjin, 2021

Name: SUNAC · BEYOND MANSION Location: Tianjin China Area: 2000 square meters Date: 2021 Customer information: Sunac (North China) Studi...

Atelier XI

Wuhan City Pavilion & Kindergarten

Wuhan, 2021

In 2019, the architect received a commission to design a standard 6-classroom kindergarten in Wuhan. The project is located in Hankou, Wu...

Atelier XI

UABB Longgang Exhibition Hall

Shenzhen, 2019

Folded Time-Light-Line Three months before the exhibition opening, the architects received an urgent commission from the curators to tra...

Atelier XI

Library in Ruins

Jiaozuo, 2020

In the beginning, the architect received the original commission to design a 300-square-meter public building for facilitating the county...

Atelier XI

Peach Hut

Jiaozuo, 2020

In the beginning, the architect received the original commission to design a 300-square-meter public building forfacilitatingthe county’s...

Drawing Architecture Studio

Shards of North K.

Beijing, 2022

Shards of North K. is a collection of 6 drawings made of stained glass, created for the exhibition “From Antung to Dandong: Rafts, Broken...

UP Architecture | UPA

Lakeside Rest Station

Ezhou, 2022

Landscape public toilet of Liangzi Lake Changling wharf – Liangzi Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Hubei, where the perennia...

Parallect Design

Levita Wedding Photography Mansion

Dali,Yunnan Province, 2019

The project is located in an old residential area in east side of Erhai Lake, Dali, and the client hopes to create a commercial building ...


Horizon Yacht FD90 Hull 22

Taiwan, 2022

Der taiwanesische Yachtbauer Horizon Yachts hat im Januar 2022 die 22. Yacht aus der Reihe FD 90 fertiggestellt: FD90 Hull 22. Die Vier-K...

Drawing Architecture Studio

Learning from Macao

Macao, 2021

Learning from Macao is a mural Drawing Architecture Studio created for Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021, as a commission ...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Wan Wea Restaurant

Chengdu, 2022

"The bold and progressive dining environment will undoubtedly quickly attract the trend-setting consumers in the city. More importantly, ...

WAU Design

Canton House

吴川, 2022

项目位于粤西吴阳镇的农村,业主是建筑师的父母,他们希望在原宅基地上新建一个能容纳父母及兄弟两个家庭的自建房,同时需遵循农村风水及习俗,一个人神共居的家宅。 平面略带古典对称,巨大的屋顶覆盖大部分的用地,其下是一个具有祭祀功能的半室内“明厅”,向传统当地民居“三间两廊”致敬...

Atelier Alter Architects

Dual-Purpose Exhibition Pavilion

Beijing, 2022

An Exhibition Pavilion that Can Be Recycled and Reused Generally speaking, exhibits on display during an exhibition can be recycled and ...

HGEsch Photography

Mapletree Bay Point

Hongkong, 2021

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

CoscoShipping Park

Shanghai, 2022

DUTS CREATED THE SHANGHAI COSCOSHIPPING PARK AS GREEN ISLANDS ON THE OCEAN DUTS design has recently completed the new project “CoscoShi...


Nikon Shanghai Flagship

Shanghai, 2021

The Stacked Expedition - Nikon Shanghai Flagship Founded in 1917, Nikon has been a trademark associated with professional imaging equipm...

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